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We believe superior service begets superior success.

Sourcing Factories

We are working together with well-organized factories who are WRAP, BSCI, ISO Certified & maintain the Social Compliance standard such as SA8000. These factories are vertically set up with state-of-the-art machines for knitting, dyeing, sewing, automatic printing & embroidery. We assess the factories in terms of product range, product quality, production capacity, facilities, financial ability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and their overall quality policy. These factories have long standing working relationship with established companies such as Jeans Fritz, Style Store, Austin, Gloria Jeans, Target, Manhattan, Whispering Smith, Fresh Brand, Julce, Importexma, Zara, Walmart, Melon Fashion, Anything, Volcano, Usf Collection, Elve, Beavers, Rubie's Deutschland etc

Design & Development

Creative Sourcing International Ltd has own design and sampling section. Our expert designers design according to customer’s requirement to meet the existing market trends. We have utilized the latest computer aided systems to develop patterns and markers to thrive to ensure each piece of apparel it makes would be an identical reproduction of the approved samples and the fabrics uses to make those apparel would leave minimum wastage possible.

Trend Exploration: We have a scouting team who travel across national boundary to scout the latest trends & designs. Our overseas offices manage such activities effectively. Once we get new ideas & designs approved, we implement them accordingly.

Collection Development: We constantly work on developing our collection and our scouting team plays a big role in it. They scout the latest trends, and we work on setting new benchmark on standard which reflect our latest collection. Thus, our collection range increases for our customers.

Service Improvement: Satisfying our clients/customers lies in the heart of our operational activities. We constantly review our performance and adopt techniques to offer the best quality and extensive range of products to our customers. Any complaints made or ideas suggested by the clients/customers are taken very seriously.


Our merchandising team play vital role since good merchandising is the key to successful execution of clients/customers’ request. Each customer is allocated to a business team which is responsible for making sure that the customers’ requirements are properly understood and executed in close co-ordination with the factories. Our business team is the main contact point of the customer, and the key members of this team often travel to the customer to improve their understanding of the customer’s needs and the market trend.

Our merchandisers are all experienced professionals, most of them having factory specific experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories. The business team is expected to contribute to the customer, not only in terms of communication and follow-up, but also in terms of making a better product which sells well at the point of sale.

Lab Test

Lab testing is one of the key parts of our business activities. It is included in our services which really helpful for manufacturers and exporters to conduct their business without any risk. And buyers also can be ascertained that their goods are completely secured in terms of physical and chemical testing.

In general, we get done some lab testing like; Dimensional Stability, Twisting, Color Fastness to water wash, Color Fastness to Rubbing etc. Also we are able to perform the following Lab Testing:

A) Fabric : Construction Particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance.

B) Analysis : Flammability, Appearance after washing/dry cleaning, Fiber analysis etc.

C) Color Fastness : Perspiration, Light, Bleaching, Dry Cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot Pressing etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out.

D) Garment: Saliva, Pilling, Appearance after wash etc.


The process of delivering a quality product to our customers is divided into two key areas.

1) Prevention
The prevention part is taken care of by our Quality Assurance (QA) team which, under guidance from customers, set the standards for quality and supervises all elements of pre-production work Such as the fitting and styling details. The prevention part is also supported by in-house testing labs which make sure that the required testing procedures are undertaken before the production process starts.

2) Control
The control part is taken care of by our Quality Control (QC) team, which ensures the product standards set by the customers in co-operation with our QC team are implemented throughout The production process, and that the final products are as per our customer’s specifications. QC service takes place before the bulk fabric is cut. It consists of the elements listed below.

• Reporting of fabrics & necessary accessories arrival status.
• Visual control of fabrics: weight/m2, color, hand feel etc.
• Forecast of production timing (starting date, assigned capacity, daily output and finish date).
• Checking with production supervisors whether they think the style is feasible in conformity with the approved samples.

Category of Inspection
Usually, Our QC carry out their inspection in four stages in accordance to the MIL-STD-105E along with AATC, ASTM and ISO codes & standards. The level of inspections are used for the 4 pre-shipment inspections are as follows:

1. Pre-Production Check (PPC)
2. Initial Production Check (IPC) –Single Sampling Plan General Level I
3. During Production Check (DUPRO)–Single Sampling Plan General Level I
4. Final Random Inspection (FRI) – Single Sampling Plan General Level II

Logistic Support

“Creative sourcing international ltd” is able to provide a one-stop service from factory to your door in terms of logistics. We have carefully selected a world class freight forwarder and are able to provide you with this unique door-to-door experience.

It goes without saying that “Creative sourcing international ltd” will also gladly cooperate with any nominated freight forwarder the client has selected. Our logistic staffs will closely follow-up both with the freight forwarders and the factory to ensure that goods are delivered without any issues.

Our logistic staff will also ensure that all export documents such as the commercial invoices, packing list, bill of lading and certificates of origin , From A are forwarded to the clients on time.